Reasons to See Manistee

Here's some good reasons to come see Manistee (as if you needed more reasons to visit). 

  1. Lake Michigan - Manistee is situated near Lake Michigan. There's two beaches, a river, and Manistee Lake. Anybody who loves water, will love it here!
  2. Downtown - Downtown Manistee is awesome. There's so many little shops, restaurants, and people that it is a booming community. Everyone is so kind to one another, and it's great. 
  3. Community - As stated above, Manistee is a great community. Everyone is kind and helpful, and here at The Fillmore, we love that!
  4. Outdoor Life - if you're in Manistee, you're walking around downtown, down to the beach, around the river walk, or eating outside. Many restaurants have outdoor seating. There's always someone on the beach, either sunning themselves, swimming, kayaking, or sailing. In Manistee, we love the outdoors and fresh Michigan air! 
  5. The Food - it's a fact: Manistee food = good food. We're not just saying The Fillmore is good. Big Al's Pizza was voted one of the Top Ten Pizzerias in Michigan. 
  6. The Fillmore - of course, The Fillmore is in Manistee as well. You have to visit, you just have to. You can see our menu right on this website!
  7. The History - Manistee is rich with history. Visit the Manistee County Historical Museum, tour the SS City of Milwaukee, and listen to the stories people tell. 
  8. Photo Ops - Manistee is a photographer's dream. It's such a beautiful town. It's colorful, vibrant, and it seems like there's always something going on and more to see. It's perfectly captured in a well taken, well timed photo. Look at this picture of the pier! 

Employee Feature: Alexa The Barista!

This week's employee feature is on Alexa the barista here at The Fillmore of Manistee! Alexa is a great barista, who works hard to bring you your favorite drinks and brews every day!

She's always got a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She greets you when you walk in the door, and asks you if you would like a drink. The drinks are done as fast as she can! She even helped out on the Fourth of July, there she is smiling! 

She's very social and is always willing to try new things and make new drinks! Thanks for all your work, Alexa!